GDPR-compliant HR solution — CASE STUDY

The solution

Our smart HR solution generates added-values at multiple levels (communication, information management, usability, etc.) and for multiple-targets (candidates, recruiters, managers).

The app directly connects candidates to the HR staff (e.g., by using the chatbot) to access any needed information fast, helps candidates to find all the financial information (payments, bills) online, and to research and apply instantly for job opportunities. Furthermore, the app provides a great user experience through a modern UX interface.

The feature allows skipping over the traditional communication channels (calls, SMS) that candidates were used to getting in touch with HR staff and eases the internal and external communication process (the HR companies can quickly disseminate details to any large group of people).

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Overcoming client’s expectations

The first 6 months nGAGE worked on the project internally, then it was taken over by Roweb. We overcame client’s expectations through a seamlessly takeover of the internal project and turning it into a functional solution.

Technologies that we worked with are

For the admin panel: SQL, ASP.NET Webforms, and Adestra API.

Email Campaign service: SQL, Windows service, and Adestra API.

Web & Mobile app: ASP.NET Web API, Javascript MVVM through Knockout JS, HTML5, CSS3, Cordova, GULP automation, iOS / Android and framework 7

Candidate Profile Web App: SQL and ASP.NET MVC

Chatbot: Google Dialogflow

The Methodology: Agile with 4-week sprints.

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