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Building results-driven solutions to provide you long-lasting benefits

  • risks-free business environment;
  • top-notch user experiences;
  • 3rd-party integrations;
  • automated processes;
  • extended and valuable services;
  • highly secure services;
  • safe data migration;
  • big data analytics;
  • data privacy compliance.

Real Estate Marketplace & Online Portal


  • Business requirements assessment
  • Functional specification
  • Project planning /…

iOS app connected with physical devices for bringing workplace comfort to the next level (Living+ project)

Vertical portal (Vortal)

Technologies we use for CRM development


  • data import from external sources;
  • integration with ERP / CRM systems for synchronizing catalogs/stocks, sending orders to ERP, etc. (DIBS, Mangopay, and Postfinance);
  • integrations with marketing support to improve the conversion rate (analytics & BI systems, newsletter systems, social media systems).

Ezebee — V02


Senior Marketing Specialist at Roweb 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, highly skilled in content writing and inbound marketing.

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